Top 10 Serial killer's of all times

Wednesday, December 5, 2007
at 6:19 AM

Countdown Extra…

Richard KuklinskiHe started out by ambushing and beating to death another kid who bullied him, and discovered he enjoyed killing. Later, he blew a mans head off over a bet and sliced up another one open to see how long it took him to bleed to death. In another murder that many of us have contemplated, a motorist who cut him up was run off the road and beaten to death. He was arrested in 1983 in an undercover cocaine-dealing operation; but it wasn't until later the police realized he planned to kill the undercover cop and take the money and drugs. In custody, he claimed most of his kills were hit jobs done to support his family. He got life and is now in a maximum security cell right down the highway from this studio in New Jersey. Our first countdown extra is Richard “Iceman” Kuklinski…with over 40 murders.

We’re counting down the 40 biggest serial killers that you may have missed, and we’ve climbed all the way to number 10. He was an Indonesian witch doctor who buried his victims near his house, with the loving assistance of his 3 wives. He had a reputation for paranormal powers and preyed on women who secretly asked him to cast spells on their husbands or families. He charged each one $200 - 400, and then buried them up to the waist in a nearby sugarcane plantation as part of the ritual. He'd then strangle them with cable, strip them and just to add a little panache---he’d lovingly drink their saliva. Arrested in 1997, he told police he needed to kill 70 women to get magical powers. Although only 40 bodies were found, over 80 women are still missing in the area. No word on the magical powers. He killed 42 women and he comes in at #10. It’s Ahmad Suradji from North Sumatra, which is beautiful, especially this time of year.

Anatoly OnoprienkoWhen the police finally arrested our #9 serial killer that you may have missed on April, 16 1996, the mentally disturbed former forestry student denied he was 'The Terminator', slayer of over 52 people and the Ukraine's most prolific killer. However, he did admit to eight deaths between 1989 and 1995. When he was taken into custody he had a shotgun matching the one used in over 40 of the killings, and jewelry and video players belonging to some of the victims. His modus operandi was to find families in isolated houses and shoot them at close range, torching the houses afterwards and shooting any passer by who happened to be in the area at the time. During a three-month rampage near the Polish border he killed over 40 people in one village, but remained at large despite the mobilization of an army division specifically deployed to capture him. Why did he do it? Well, Inner voices of course! At #9 with a bullet is ANATOLY ONOPRIENKO from the Ukraine with 52 serial murders.

Andrei ChikatiloAt number 8 on our list of the top 40 serial killers you may have missed was a member of the Communist Party. As if that didn’t make him psychotic enough, as he grew older he began stalking children, disemboweling and mutilating them. His crimes were overlooked for years because he was a Party member and the Russians weren't keen to admit a child-killing sadist was stalking their utopia. His trial in 1994, full of descriptions of how he'd boil and eat his victims, was the first celebrity serial killer trial in the former USSR. There's a film version, Citizen X, with Donald Sutherland, which might make you want to become a serial killer yourself. Finally he was killed by firing squad in 1994. At number 8 is ANDREI CHIKATILO from Russia with over 52 murders.

We started with our feet on the ground, and we’re now reaching for the stars—by the way that is an analogy not a literal fact. At #7 on our top serial killers you may have missed countdown is a German laundry van driver who between 1928 and 1943, strangled and stabbed his female victims, with little discrimination. Having been arrested for killing one woman, he promptly confessed to dozens of others. The Nazis having already sterilized him as a mental defective and suspected rapist, could not indict him because he was insane - as fact that he delighted in pointing out. They solved the problem by sending him to a research hospital in Vienna, where he was used as a human guinea pig. On April 8 1944 one of the experiments in which he was involved in proved fatal. Finally, the Nazi's do something right. At #7 is Bruno Ludke with 86 big murders.

Our countdown extra was a straightforward woman hater. Between 1969 and 1978 he killed 41 'bitches' in Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but unusually didn't sexually assault any of them. "He thinks about three things: stereo systems, cars and killing women," one of the investigating officers explained. Florida killed him in 1983. This week’s countdown extra committed 41 murders—he’s GERALD STANO- our countdown extra.

Our #6 serial killers that you may have missed ran a bordello in Mexico. They recruited working girls, got them hooked on drugs and forced them to serve the perverse and humiliating desires of their clientele. If girls became too ill, after being damaged by repeated rape or lost their looks, they killed them. One day, the police picked up a prostitute on suspicion of kidnapping young girls in the area, and she gave up the sisters. When police raided the bordello they uncovered the remains of 11 men, 80 women and several fetuses. The sisters weren’t sentenced to death…or life in prison…No, they got 40 years each. You gotta love that Mexican Justice System. It’s the sister duo of Delfina and Maria De Jesus Gonzales with over 91 murders, coming in at #6.

We’re counting down the serial killers you may have missed, all the way from #40 ti #1. Here in America, our national pastime is the sport of baseball. However, in Russia, they prefer cannibalism. Our #5 serial killer known as 'Metal Fang' because of his white metal false teeth - is the king of the Soviet cannibals, slaughtering and serving up his victims to his dinner guests in the Russian republic of Kazakhstan. He believed women and prostitution were the root of all-evil…not serial killing or cannibalism. After friends discovered a head and intestines in the kitchen he was sent to an insane asylum, from which he bribed his way out. He was then incarcerated after being found guilty of only seven murders, but escaped again in 1989. The embarrassed Russian authorities never admitted he'd got out, and spent two years trying to recapture him, eventually tracking him to Uzbekistan. That Russian government seems pretty competent, huh? Well, just listen to the comments from the Interior Minister Colonel: calling this serial killer "absolutely normal, but at one point [he] got a taste of female meat." He never went back to jail, instead he resides in another mental institution, until his planned escape this summer. It’s Nickolai Zur-mong-a-live our first triple digit entry with 100 murders, at #5.

On the day that after the confession of the Green River killer, we’re counting down some of the serial killers you may have missed—from #40 all the way to #1. He was dubbed America's meanest serial killer. His history of violence has been traced back to watching a cobra eat a live rat at a carnival. He spent most of his childhood getting into trouble, and because of his small stature was frequently abused in prison. He snapped and killed a notorious murderer while the man was going to the bathroom, making him a legend in serial killer fan circles. It’s kind of sick that there are serial killer fan circles huh? Anyway, he was released in 1969, and began to carry out two varieties of killings while making money from stealing cars. His 'coastal kills' were people he picked up driving around the Deep South and murdered for pleasure, while his 'serious murders' were people he knew and disliked. After killing another inmate in a maximum-security jail, Pee Wee was finally put to death on September 6 1991. His autobiography, the strangely lyrical “Final Truth”, was published posthumously, and is our “Killer” Serial Killer book of the week where we recommend the best books written by complete psychos. Next week, Glenn Beck’s Real America. Anyway, back to the countdown. It’s Pee Wee Gaskins with over 100 murders, coming in at #4 of our top 40 serial killers you may have missed.

'Hi, I’m the worst impression of Kasey Casem in modern history, counting down the 40 most fabulous serial killers that you may have missed. Those serial killers who don’t get the publicity of a John Wayne Gasey, Charles Manson or Jeffrey Dahmer. But since the goal of the media is to make legends out of these people for ratings, we thought we’d hop right on to that frickin’ bandwagon. Now, on with the countdown. At number 3 is a doctor who started out stealing corpses from the University of Michigan before moved onto Chicago. There, he made o fortune with a chain of drug stores. And if there is anything worse than a pathetic loser turned serial killer, it’s a rich successful serial killer—and that’s what our #3 entry was. He used his wealth to build a 100 room mansion full of gas chambers, trap doors, acid vats, lime pits and secret doors. During the 1893 World Fair he rented rooms and killed most of their occupants. Then he moved on to attracting women to his home, and forcing them to sign over their savings before throwing them down an elevator shaft and gassing them. When police became a tad upset, he burned his torture castle down. The remains of his victims were found in the ruins. He then became the first celebrity serial killer in the US after a sensational trial. It was the trial of the millennium, until that was broken every 2 weeks since OJ. He was finally hanged on May 7 1896. It’s Herman Mudgett, aka H.H. Holmes with over 200 big murders!

Our number 2 entry on the countdown of the top 40 serial killers you may have missed is a duo of men---the first, had kind of a rough start in life. His alcoholic father was left legless after an encounter with a freight train and killed himself because of his prostitute wife's nagging. Then while playing with a knife as a kid, he sliced his own eye open, and as high mom did nothing about it, so he had to have it removed. On another occasion she sent him to school in girls' clothing with curled hair. Not exactly the recipe for a future president. Unsurprisingly he began his killing spree by sticking a knife in his Mom’s back and having his way with her dead body. He served 10 years in a State Psychiatric Hospital for that loving tribute to his mom. On his release he launched into a killing spree, having already warned the authorities he was going to kill again.

The other half of the duo was even more screwed up. A mentally challenged individual with transvestite tendencies, he had a taste for human flesh. His partner only failed to join his meals because, he said, he disliked the choice of barbeque sauce. The pair specialized in the random killing of hitchhikers; often just running them over when they weren't in the mood for torture. In effect, they were kind of lazy mass murderers. But they had a falling out when “killer #1” began having sex with “killer #2’s” seven year old niece. Ahhh, the silly fights among friends.

The exact amount of their murders was not known. They eventually confessed to over 500 murders between them; but experts doubt that figure and maintain that 200 is more reasonable. Some believe that they may have only murdered a handful of people, and was simply fed information by police officers keen to clear up innumerable unsolved killings. The murders were immortalized in one of the worst movies of all time-- the 1989 cinematic classic Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. Killer #1, Henry Lee Lucas, currently awaits execution in Texas. Killer #2 Ottis Toole died of liver failure in 1996 while serving six consecutive life sentences. With over 200 believed murders it’s the Tandem of Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole coming in at #2.

We’ve climbed the charts of the serial killers from the “just kind of annoying hitchhiker killers” to the people on the “evil Bush administration” level. And now we’re all the way to #1. He was kicked out by his prostitute mother at the age of eight, after she caught him fondling his younger sister. Then in a happy example of poetic justice, he was picked up by a pedophile and raped. In prison later in life, he was raped again, retaliating by killing three of his rapists.

By 1978 it's reckoned he'd killed at least 100 girls in Peru; but he wasn’t done yet. When attention fell on him he moved back to his native Columbia and then on to Ecuador. Here he killed three girls a week on average, preferring them because they were "more gentle and trusting, more innocent." In 1980 police uncovered one of his many victims' graves and he was rapidly arrested and tricked into confession while being held in prison.

At first police refused to believe the numbers he mentioned but he quickly identified the sites of more than 50 burials, lending credence to his claim as the most prolific serial killer to date. He was convicted of murder in Ecuador, and now will languish in prison for the rest of his life, which unfortunately is far too kind. (TYMPANI) His high number of murders along with his propensity for pre-teens, lands him at #1 on our top 40 serial killers that you may have missed. His name Pedro Alonso Lopez, with over 300 murders---coming in at #1.